Company - aircontrol


Aircontrol is born with the aim of supplying components and systems for superior quality air treatment systems.

For this reason, it has combined the internal production of the components with the construction of the systems and has created a highly specialized technical office in order to support the production and provide advice on regulatory and safety matters.

Aircontrol has always considered an important value the direct relationship with the customer and the possibility of being flexible so as to be able to offer a unique and truly tailored service.

Over time, Aircontrol has succeeded in winning its bet: its business growth, in fact, is constantly increasing from 1996 to nowadays.

If you are looking for yourindustrial air extraction system, filtration systems or exhaust gas extraction systems, Aircontrol is the answer.


Adeguamento impianti

Per rendere il vostro impianto sempre in regola con le normative ed evitare onerose sanzioni, Aircontrol ha creato per i suoi clienti un servizio di adeguamento impianti che opera anche suimpianti non realizzati dall’azienda.

Assistenza e manutenzione programmata

Aircontrol offre un efficace servizio di assistenza e di manutenzione programmata che offre i seguenti vantaggi: