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Aircontrol, the ideal partner for your industrial extraction systems

Filters, extraction arms, silencers, purifiers…
Aircontrol has everything you need  for your industrial air extraction system.

Our goal is to provide companies with superior quality air treatment systems, ensuring assistance and maintenance in case of need. Here you will find high-efficiency industrial filtration filters that help to create a healthy and clean environment that also protects the integrity of the machinery, along with the health of workers.


Assistenza e manutenzione programmata

Aircontrol offre un efficace servizio di assistenza e di manutenzione programmata che offre i seguenti vantaggi:

Adeguamento impianti

Per rendere il vostro impianto sempre in regola con le normative ed evitare onerose sanzioni, Aircontrol ha creato per i suoi clienti un servizio di adeguamento impianti che opera anche suimpianti non realizzati dall’azienda.

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