Air purifier wallie ® ,

Air purifier WALLIE ®

A standard test certificate is available for interested customers, conducted by a specialized laboratory, of the sanitizing and purifying power, certifying the ability to remove and eliminate the bacterial load in the air, within a confined environment.

Professional air purifier created by those who have always built air filters, simple, effective, and of course a made in Italy product.



How can I get back to the office, to work, in any confined environment, minimizing the risk of breathing something that can harm my health in the air?
From our thirty years of experience in air filtration, we have created the first industrial-derived environmental multifilter, which purifies the envirorment by passing through different filter stages and lastly through an industrial HEPA absolute filter.
Why do we specify industrial derivation? Because the filtration speed, the filtering surfaces, the air flow rates are correctly sized according to the filtering standards.
Viruses and bacteria are transported by aerosol particles that can remain suspended in the air, like many other particulates, pollens, harmful fibers, PM10, PM5, etc.
Our WALLIE multifilter is able to retain these particles with an absolute HEPA final filter having H14 efficiency 99.995% overall MMPS.
Available in three models for different size needs for your premises. We also manufacture groups for workshops and fixed systems.
Our offices are at your disposal for further information regarding this new product.

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