Mechanically cleaned filter vanessa series

Mechanically cleaned filter VANESSA series

Mechanically cleaned filter VANESSA series

Mechanically cleaned bag filter, complete with:
• external casing built using insulated double-walled panels with a painted sheet metal exterior and galvanised sheet metal interior, with aluminium edges.
• motorised shakers
• nylon dust discharge sacks or dust discharge bin
• cotton filtration bags.

Electric fans (and necessary connectors), and electrical control panel not included


CODICEPricePrice ATEX 22 DAirflowDimensionsN. of filtration bagsSurface
24 (VANESSA)  Login  Login3.000800 x 1600 x 4000224
36 (VANESSA)  Login  Login4.000800 x 2300 x 4000336
48 (VANESSA)  Login  Login-1600 x 1600 x 4000448
72 (VANESSA)  Login  Login8.0002300 x 1600 x 4500672
84 (VANESSA)  Login  Login10.0003000 x 1600 x 4500884
132 (VANESSA)  Login  Login16.0004500 x 1600 x 450012132

Spare parts / Acessories

BRDust discharge bin with castors, 500 mm diameter  Login
FSBag clamp, 500 mm diameter  Login
CICasing for bottom part of machine, with inspection doors for maintenance. 15% surcharge on list price.  Login
STAFire-safety sprinkler system for the filter, with manual command valve. 5% surcharge on list price.  Login